Joyspotting 1000 Piece Puzzle

Joyspotting 1000 Piece Puzzle

Lemonade Pursuits
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We’re obsessed with these ultra-cool puzzles that look and feel like art. We recommend finishing this puzzle off with some decoupage and framing it.

Take time to relax, bond with friends and family and escape in to art with this puzzle from Lemonade Pursuits. Made with joy in every piece, these puzzles are too beautiful to keep stored on your gaming shelf. Grab some glue and frame it to make it a permanent work of art in your home.

The art was designed by the talented Rachelle Kearns . The painting ‘joyspotting’, with its bright colors and saturated tones, can’t help but make you smile! It was painted with the idea that we can all ‘spot the joy’ in our everyday. Each puzzle piece is a unique shape, which makes puzzling more fun than your standard pieces.


  • high quality, soft-touch finish pieces

  • anti-glare

  • designed for mindfulness

  • Woman-owned

  • Eco-Friendly

Made in United States of America

About the Maker

Lemonade Pursuits

Our mission is to positively harness the mental energy that causes stress and anxiety. In pursuit of this mission, we reinvented the jigsaw puzzle.

Here's why:

I couldn’t stop crying. Every question on the mental health questionnaire had resonated with me. I felt vulnerable and ashamed as my doctor reviewed my answers, her face visibly concerned.

But I was also relieved; I was no longer suffering in silence, trying to minimize my anxiety. I was dealing with something real. Something that millions around the world manage every day.

I left the doctor’s office and decided to approach my new diagnosis just as I would a physical illness, identifying things that help and things that hurt. I quickly realized that puzzles make me feel great. Doing a puzzle is the only thing that slows down the buzzing in my brain. And, in solving a smaller puzzle, I have confidence to take on the challenges that life presents.

That’s when I decided to start Lemonade Pursuits.

Why We Chose Them

Eco-friendly, Social Good, Woman Owned, Made in USA