Hang! Magnetic Frame

Hang! Magnetic Frame

Luckies of London
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We designed this product as an easy and stylish way to hang your Scratch Map™ but it can just as easily be used to hang any large format poster or wall art. The embedded magnets hold the top and bottom hanging strips firmly together and add enough weight to keep the Scratch Map flat and straight. Once mounted the map can be hung on the wall using the supplied black cord, or screwed onto the wall using the pre-drilled holes. No more tape. No more blu tack. No more frames. Easy!


Don't forget to add a limited edition "Adventure is Always a Good Idea" Scratch Map!


34" l x 3" w x 2" h


About the Maker

Luckies of London

Here at Luckies we design and make interesting and original products from scratch. They are always our own ideas, always useful, always made with care and attention and always have fun at their heart.

Under the Luckies umbrella, we create lifestyle brands for all walks of life. These brands have personality, direction and heaps of style.

Born in 2005 from an innate desire to build something from scratch, our founder Jim Cox started Luckies armed with £4000, a very large laptop, and a desk under the stairs. Jim’s philosophy was clear – sell stuff he liked, work with people he liked, be creative, and be interesting.

From there Luckies has evolved into an independent, creative, passionate, and agile company in the giftable accessories and homewares sector. We create things that wouldn’t exist if we didn’t make them. Things the best retailers in the world want to stock. Things their customers want to buy and give to those they love.

We believe in three things, our three pillars - People, Planet, Progress.

We show responsibility to our team, our customers and the people around us. We act not just in the interests of the company, but of the wider community. We do what we do sustainably and help our customers make good choices. We help people to GIVE ORIGINAL.

Why We Chose Them

Eco-friendly, Social Good